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Project Description

This is a simple personal account managing application.

It enables you to insert, edit and delete simple records of personal expenses.



Data Access

The project uses Entity Framework to access data on a SQL Server Database, created with Entity Framework Code-First and EF Migrations.

To access data LINQ to Entities has been used.

Web technology

The project is built using ASP .NET MVC architecture which handels the web requests. The web requests can be of two types:

  • Web page request
  • Web API request

There are two controllers for each of the request types. The web requests serve plain HTML without data. The data is loaded asyncronously throught AJAX requests to the Web API.

Client architecture

On the client side a MVVM architecture has been used. The View is the HTML page with appropriate data-bind attributes, which are used for the data binding. The ViewModel is builded using KnockoutJs ( observable proprieties, populated using the Web API through JSON and AJAX.

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